Chitrmala is a television show that encompasses all aspects of the entertainment from the Asian subcontinent. The show portrays the rich culture and heritage of classical and non- classical music by presenting vocalists, musicians, dancers as well as the current music videos from India and Pakistan. This show is designed to entertain the entire family. Chitrmala includes theater, drama, prose, poetry as well as comedy and the arts. India is known to produce the most movies in the world. With the recent development in technology, Indian movies are now enjoyed in every household across the United States, therefore, Chitrmala has a weekly movie review segment to educate and inform our viewers as to the latest development in the entertainment world. Since the Indo-Pak community is very active in this area and Chitrmala is a community sponsored show, it has Community Bulletin segment.

Lastly, the balance of the show has a medical segment called Medical Update, which is designed to educate the viewers in regards to current health issues. The Metro D.C. area has a rich ethnic population consisting of Indians, Pakistanis, Afghans as well as other Asians. The goal of Chitrmala is to unite these segmented communities into one by using entertainment as a vehicle for the community.

Chitrmala is also a production of Global Television Network. For further information, details on the show or viewing area information, please contact Mrs. Nilima Mehra, hostess of the show at: Tel. (703) 239-0112 Fax (703) 239-0005 or via e-mail: