Global TV Network produces 2 shows in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area; Chitrmala and Salaam India. They both air on MHz Networks over the air, on cable, Satellite (DIRECT TV, and DISH Network) and digital cable. Chitrmala airs every Saturday morning from 11 AM - 12 Noon. Salaam India airs every Saturday afternoon from 12:30 PM to 1 PM.

Chitrmala (as its name suggests) focuses on the entertainment world. It also takes you onto an informative journey of legal arena, medical updates, special features such as CPAs, realtors, other professionals, and the world of business relations. The entertainment segments features the greatest of the greatest music maestros, dancers, bollywood songs, interviews with bollywood stars, and the latest news from bollywood called Bollywood Masala. Both Salaam India and Chitrmala are equally popular and famous. These shows are community supported and are therefore for the community, of the community, and by community.

Global Television Network Inc. 

Chitrmala Television

Salaam India Television

Dr. Rajesh Nandan Mehra

Executive Producer

Nilima Mehra

Producer / Hostess

Mandira Nandani Mehra


Riddhi Nandan Mehra

Chief Editor at Desk / Media Consultant

Ratnesh Nandan Mehra

Host / Technical Advisor

Susan Hayfield

Studio Director